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The Chosen weaves human history with the supernatural to create a world in which the gods of old still hold sway. As the gods feel their followers dwindling, they each choose a mortal to carry their power forward through the centuries. This new race of “Chosen” are led by the Aeron family, the Chosen of Jupiter himself. They hold the Sword of the Nine, a relic that’s been given many names throughout its long existence. A surprising turn of events on the night of Nolan Aeron’s birth leave the Chosen without a Swordsmith... and an unlikely pair on the run.

Eighteen years later, it is time for Nolan to rejoin his people. He must complete a year of training to be considered a full adult and take his place as the rightful Swordsmith. He is surrounded by those who deem him a traitor (or worse, a coward). Suddenly Nolan is faced with classes, homework, roommate troubles, death threats... Can he make it through the year when even his peers plot against him? If he does, will he win the fight of his life at his Rite of Passage? Can he gain the trust of the people that he is supposed to lead?

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