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The Princess Royal, Sabella, heir to the Crown of Anaisi, stands at the entrance to Eiralia Castle, waiting for the funeral cortege to assemble. Even the royal guards stand nervously, weight shifting from one foot to the other as they constantly scan for potential threats. 

Victor, assigned by her mother to be her personal guard, stands directly at her shoulder, hands and sword free to spring to her defense if needed. 

There are many who doubted Victor’s ability to guard the sole heiress to the throne. His youth spoke against him, and the tragic accident that stole his voice made others underestimate him. 

He won his place at her side by final combat, and fought each challenger until yield… and one unto death. 

From the day he knelt at Sabella’s feet and swore his life to her, he was her shadow. Now he stands, ever vigilant, waiting for enemies that may not come today, but will surely come all the same. 

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